#4 already? Why yes sir. And now this weird set continues with the one I know the most about, "Bruce and Bannockburn" wherein the Scots briefly gave up the "being honourable and running downhill to avoid having an unfair advantage... oh, we're dead" mentality (I'm looking at you, James IV) and decided to settle a war on the basis of a bet.

"Bet you can't relieve this siege by Tuesday week."

"Bet we can."

"What are you betting?"

"Stirling castle."


Job's a good 'un.

England certainly learnt its lesson, and never again went outside its borders randomly conquering other... oh.

Still, I like spiders, and there's a spider in the story. Although that section does now remind me of the castle builder in Monty Python and the Holy Grail: "I raised an army, and they were all slaughtered. So I raised another one. They sank in a bog and were slaughtered. So I raised another one..." Still, all's well that end's well, eh, and we're all friends now, and we've certainly let bygones be bygones and don't go on about it every year at the six nations or anything.