Okeydokey, fans of the past. We're up to #5 in the 'completely random set of stuff'.

#5 is 'Columbus and the New World'.

As an important event, making contact between the two so we could do God's work by infecting a whole new world with smallpox, looting it repeatedly, wiping out and then enslaving the bulk of their populations, and then arbitrarily splitting it between two relatively small countries on the word of a Pope with balls the size of... well, Brazil, presumably... now that's quite a world-changing set of events.

What amazed me was the fact that Columbus spent well over a decade trying to convince people to fund this expedition before getting it together. I didn't know how long it had taken him before.

So, at the half-way point, to recap, we've got Marathon, Crusades, Swiss Independence, Scottish Independence, The New World. Knowing that lot will obviously make tomorrow's completely obvious, it being an event I had previously never even heard of.