Dear Beyonce,

Thank you so much for your song "Run the world (girls)". It was a real eye-opener. Before digesting your paper on modern sexual power relations I had foolishly believed that the world was still rife with sexism, misogyny, and that it was incredibly hard for women to reach positions of power, but it appears to the question of "who run [sic] the world" (obviously your editor removed the plural for some reason accidentally - probably a man) the answer is "girls", and repeatedly you explain, in some detail, that "girls! we run this motherfucking world." I'm not sure I see the need for the emphasis, but perhaps it's some oblique reference to the Katie Goodman MILF video. I certainly hope so.

I trust you will be disseminating this important knowledge to all discrimination lawyers and campaigners around the world that their job is done, and they can now relax and return to, presumably, running the world.

Thanks again for the information. I look forward to your study in race relations, which I hope will be equally optimistic.