For a performance of this song:

We’re walking in the mud,
We’re trudging through the moonlit mire.
The sludge down below just makes us want a fire.


I’m feeling very tired,
I’m wishing I had found a bus.
I’m finding I can’t feel my feet, my hands or face.


Far across the field,
The vehicles go by like dreams.
The drivers warm inside,
I wish I had a ride.


Children gaze open mouthed,
Taken by surprise.
Nobody driving past believes their eyes.


We’re trudging through the gloom,
We’re swimming through a field of muck,
We’re feeling icy stuff soaking through our socks.


Suddenly, far below, taken by surprise,
I fall into a deep damp hole up to my thighs.


We’re walking through the mud,
We’re wishing we had caught a cab.
And everyone who sees us laughs as we cry.