Yes, this is my bragging page, with successes to date, and some stories available either directly or via purchases.  Further down you'll see some stories actually on this page, but seeing as I've had a few successes now, this is where I'm going to put them.


Shooter Lit Mag ran a poetry competition, into which I submitted my retelling of my namesake (first name, but every second male in my family was named after him, so it counts) Robert Burns's address to a haggis.  Mine is "Ode to a POTUS".



"Spring Forward, Fall Back" won second place in the Exeter Writers' "Wow" 1000-word short story competition.  (May be being published in an anthology later in the year - text therefore not available right now)

My poem "Wendigo", appeared in the poetry anthology "A Face in the Mirror, a Hook on the Door".  In North American mythology, a Wendigo eats two things, and two things only: human flesh, and moss.  In my poem, I attempt to cast light on this oddity.

My short story "Troll Bridge", appears in the "After the Happily Ever After" anthology published by Transmundane Press.  

"Jerusalem Wormwood" won second place in issue 191 of Writers' Forum.  (You'd have to pick up the magazine to read this one - sorry)

2017-08-18 16.39.44.jpg


"Half-Life Connections", second-placed in the Slough Writers group summer fiction competition.  The brief was to write three standalone stories which had a link, with a total of 3000 words.  Enjoy.

"Harvest Festival", published in Every Day Fiction.

2015 - Successes (as in published by someone else)






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