Taylor Swift Philosophy 101.

Q1: From the original text (2014): “The haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate”  Discuss.

OK.  So, let’s break this down.

The haters gonna hate.  Well, yes.  That’s what they do.  They hate.  They generically hate.  They’re probably professional haters or something.  That’s fine.

The haters gonna hate hate.  Well, this is an intermediate step, because at this point they would hate the very essence of hate.  They wouldn’t love – no.  They would hate the hate.  They would find a visceral reaction to hate itself.

The haters gonna hate hate hate.  Aha, we are back to consistency.  Now the haters are hating their previous hatred of the essence of hate.  Again, there is no love here.  There is a hatred of the fact of despising the hate.  At attack on those who hate their now-implied hatred, perhaps.

The haters gonna hate hate hate hate.  Let’s not linger here, for here lies madness.  For at this point we are, in the role of “the haters”, hating the hatred of the fact of despising the hate.  We look at the people who hate the original essential hate, and we hate to hate them.

The haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.  OK, hang on to your heads here, we’re going for it.  Remember the people who viscerally hated the people who hated their hatred?  Well, now we’re (still playing the role of “the haters”) hating those intermediate haters who were hating the very essence of our original fire-hose of hatred.

I tell you, Taylor Swift is deep, man.

Next Week: Gender stereotypes and their over-reactionary opposites as played out in “Blank Space”.