Overheard conversation between a tulip and an economist

Overheard conversation between a tulip from Amsterdam and an economist.

"So, Bitcoin, right?"
"Yes, Tulip?"
"Didn't people thought we were overvalued?"
"Yes, Tulip, you were. Well, in 1637, absolutely insanely so."
"But you can grow a nice tulip from me."
"Yes, but you'd gone up in value by orders of magnitude. It made no sense. No one understood what was going on."
"Well, unless a collective mania grips the people and they constantly believe other people will pay more and fear that they will look weak by quitting too soon. It feels quite inevitable that that will happen. Over and over."
"Good point, Tulip. You've really got human psychology down-pat."
"Well how do you think I make people like me?"
"Fair enough."
"But Bitcoin isn't even pretty. It's not even a nice deep red colour, reminding people of the colour of artificially-coloured lips."
"That's true. If an odd way for a bulb to put it."
"So what's the deal with Bitcoin?"
"It's a currency, though. A cryptocurrency."
"Can you grow it?"
"Well, not as such. But it's untraceable. That's the point."
"So the point of having it is that no one knows you do?"
"Yes, that's about it."
"Isn't that exactly the opposite of everything else mankind has ever found valuable?"
"Good point, Tulip. Again, you have me."
"You know what, I'm glad I'm a plant. I don't have to worry about my fellow plants. They're not batshit crazy. Although we all like bat shit. It's the best."
"But it's valuable because there's only be a limited amount of it."
"So if there's a limited amount of something it will have an intrinsic value, even if it's made-up?"
"What about if there's a really really limited amount of something? Like if there's only ever going to be one of it, ever ever ever, and it's really really great and everyone loves it?"
"You mean like the Mona Lisa?"
"I was more thinking of the planet."