Why We Have To Reapply Sanctions To The Whitehouse Wisteria

Why we have to reapply sanctions to the Whitehouse wisteria.

It has failed to comply with our previous agreement not to attempt to develop nuclear technology, repeatedly breaking the nuclear of its cells to grow.  I was told by butternists.  They tell the truth, not like scientists who lie about global warming.

It has destabilized the region.  Look at the number of firings and resignations within its local area.

It think it steals my covfefe.  Look at that guilty black soil.

It has refused to respond to diplomacy.  Diplomacy made by idiots.  Who uses diplomacy now anyway?

It has failed to respond to threats of fire and fury the like of which it would never have known.  Believe me.  I know.  I have the best fire.  And the best fury.  And the best furries.   What?  Don't print that.  I never said that.

It sounds foreign.  Invasive species?  Immigrant species.  Build a wall, and no, don't let them climb up it.

Gather it up and get it out of my sight.  Some kind of plant camp.  Maybe call it a nursery to make it sound nice.

The largest wisteria is in California.  Like democrats.  They're in California, and they're bigly stains on the country.  A beautiful country.  Which should have no hard-to-spell plants.

Plant.  It's a plant.  I've heard spy stories.  Plants are bad.

Did I mention it hasn't replied to my words?  My great words.  The best.  Why wouldn't it evolve hands just to applaud my cleverliness?  Idiot.  Weak.  FAKE PLANT!

Chinese wisteria is an invasive species, here illegally.  Make American Wisteria Great Again.  MAWGA  MAWGA  MAWGA.  Except I'm throwing out our own wisteria out too.  It all came here at some point.  Anything which wasn't in America during the flood has to go.  BUILD THAT ARK.