Obi R - The Office of Budget Responsibility

When people refer to the OBR, it seemed to me that sounded like Obi R.  Who is obviously a rapper...

Obi R

I’m the office of budget responsibility
When it comes to budgets better listen to me
I know the difference ‘tween deficit and debt, you see
I know what it takes to grow your GDP.
If you need to know how much your great new policy costs
Or how much you have to spend on your NHS trusts
If you need to calculate a higher income tax band
Or whether 1% on VAT is something people would stand
Then I say you come to me, and get your budget reviewed
Because if you don’t I’d say you’re being more than just rude
You disrespect my office, then you disrespect me
You’ll be hearing my opinions on the BBC.
I’ll be pumping out my numbers right on Money Box Live
Or on More Or Less or Newsnight, you’ll be hearing my jive
I will hit you with my numbers, get you right in the purse
When I finish with my spreadsheet, you’ll be needing a nurse.
And I’ll tell you what they cost you – that’s the nurses that is.
And if you say cost-neutral, I’ll say don’t take the piss.
Because we know responsibility, we know what is what
And if you don’t agree, then you’re a massive twot.